Custom T-Shirts Or Personalised Polo Shirts – Which Best Suits Your Business?

Choosing between custom printed t-shirts or personalised polo shirts can be a difficult task. In this article we look at the differences between the two options and examine the benefits of each, to help you decide which style of garment to go for.
If you’re looking to obtain some custom printed clothing to use as work wear, you might be struggling to decide between polo shirts and t-shirts, as both can look great when emblazoned with your logo or company name. Every type of business from fast food restaurants to engineering firms use them, as they are great for branding, as well as turning staff into walking advertising billboards (have your website address or contact number printed on the back for maximum effect).
T-shirts are traditionally a casual garment (originally worn as an undergarment). They are perhaps the most popular item of clothing in the world and come in various different styles. Round necked t-shirts are definitely the biggest seller and are ideal for customization. One of the main benefits of wearing a t-shirt is that they are very easily customizable which is great if you are looking to spread a message by wearing it on your body. You have a large print area to work with as there are no buttons.
Polo shirts do tend to be slightly more expensive but are often made of a material which is more durable and hard wearing than your average t-shirt. A polo shirt is basically a t-shirt with a collar and two or three buttons but the real difference is that when you are wearing one you feel much more like you’re ready for work, and your customers will regard you as looking a lot more professional than if you were to turn up to a job wearing a t-shirt. On the downside, you only have a small print area to customize, usually the left or right hand breast area – however the back of the t-shirt still leaves plenty of room for your business name or your logo.
So in summary, a t-shirt gives you more space to have your logo printed which is great if you want your branding to be seen, whereas a polo shirt has a more professional image to it. So which one to go for? Only you can decide which one if right for your business.

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