How to Care for Your Rhinestone Shirt

Rhinestone shirts are very popular. Although many trends and styles come and go, sparkly rhinestone apparel seems to remain a popular item. Women love all things that sparkle. This is true whether or not it is jewelry or apparel.
A rhinestone shirt can be a bit more expensive than a shirt with a screen printed design. If you going to purchase a rhinestone shirt, you want to be sure to purchase a shirt that you will be able to wear for a long time to come. If a bling shirt begins to lose stones, it loses it’s appeal.
In order to purchase the right shirt for your situation and budget, there are some things that you should know. One of those things is the difference between the types of rhinestones.
Swarovski rhinestones are the best quality rhinestones available. They are created using genuine crystal and sparkle like no others. They are also made using a special glue that holds the stone onto your shirt very securely. Chances are that your shirt will wear out before the stones loosen from your shirt. They are very secure. The sparkle and glue quality of these stones can not be beat. However, they are a bit more expensive than any other type of rhinestone on the market.
Korean rhinestones are the most commonly sold rhinestones online. There were some problems with their quality in the past, but there are now quality Korean stones that most businesses are using to create beautiful designs and apparel. They do sparkle well and hold on to apparel better than in the past. Although many companies will guarantee the apparel created with Swarovski rhinestones, most will not make this guarantee when using Korean stones.
A garment can hold stones for a very long period of time regardless of which type of rhinestones are used when cared for correctly.
A sparkly shirt, hoodie or any other type of apparel should be washed inside out on the gentle cycle. It should not be put into the washing machine with items that may over agitate the clothing such as shoes or bags. Once it is washed, your clothing should be hung to dry or laid flat. Do not place your item into the dryer. This could weaken the glue and cause stones to loosen and fall off.
It is also wise to avoid ironing your rhinestone apparel. If you must iron your shirt, iron around the design. Do not iron the design over the stones or with the shirt turned inside out behind the stones. Avoid the area completely with an iron.
If you take great care of your rhinestone clothing, it should last for a very long time.

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