Mens Fashion 2011

We are nearing spring of 2011 and the styles could not be more intense this year. It seems to be that pastels are in and slim fit is all the rage. The trends for men’s fashion over the past year still includes the basic staples such as Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, Sperry’s, designer tees, and polo’s. However we will touch on some of the hotter trends that have started to frequently show up. Slim fit seems to have started to become quite popular over the last year and many high end companies are starting to do an exclusive slim fit line.
Popular publications such as GQ have made note of the fast rising popularity of European cut/slim fit clothes and how it is a must to start wearing more form fitting clothing. The new trend for suits this year has been the one button European fit with flat front pants.
Take a walk down any high end street and you will see top executives wearing the one button this year. Hotter climates have made many offices shy away from requiring formal wear which has put a strain on the men who still like the more professional look. That is why the top men’s publications are talking about the one button suit. The one button suit allows the man to wearing a breathable dress shirt while still looking formal and professional with a tailored jacket. It also allows for a little more versatility with ties and fun colours which allows for more catchy combinations.
Unfortunately, most high end one button suits can run at a cost of a few thousand dollars. However, there are options for someone looking to go after the one button suit while still keeping the cost down. I know someone who is offering a plethora of high end fitting suits for around $250 USD. I have personally found it to be one of the best deals on the net and wide range of colours offered has allowed me to spruce up my entire suit collection for under a few hundred dollars.
The same goes with neckties. Over the past few months many men have seen the comeback of the slim tie around the workplace of when out on the town. Tie styles have been changing frequently but it looks like the slim tie trend might be around for a good while. It is a solid retro look that is the perfect complement for a one button suit or a suit that has just been tailored. It is more subtle than a wide set tie and allows the guy to look trendy and classy.
Like the suit and the tie, the dress shirt has also seemed to head back into the retro spectrum. Recently, most men have been going for a thinner material and a no button collar. It gives a more “young guy” feel and has become the new in of 2011. As of right now, it looks like these trends will be here to stay.

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