Learn How to Iron a Dress Shirt With These Easy Steps

Ironing a dress shirt can be tough if you don’t have the right equipment, which of course there are so many dry cleaners around with this type of shirt service. However, if spending $2.99 or more per shirt isn’t in your budget week after week, then you’d better learn how to iron a dress shirt!
First, get a good ironing board. You can’t put a towel on the counter or the kitchen table and expect your shirt to look good afterwards.
You also need a good iron with steam, and preferably a model that lets you press a button for additional blasts of steam that help in certain stubborn areas. Make certain the bottom of the iron is free of mineral buildup, and you can prevent this by using only distilled water (all minerals have been removed). If you don’t use distilled water, you will end up with marks on your shirt from the minerals that come out through the steam vents on the bottom.
If your shirt is 100% cotton, you will need to put your iron on a higher heat setting. Irons will have dials that show you what can be ironed at what level. Make sure the steam is on all the way. And always check the label of your shirt to see the recommended laundering instructions for the best ironing results.
You will also need some spray starch. Practice spraying this on a few rags before aiming it at your good shirts. It tends to clump if not sprayed evenly.
Spray the collar and iron both sides before anything else, both inside and out. Next, spray each section of the front and iron from the neck to the bottom. After that, most shirts have yokes in the back which needs to be tended to separately.
Finally, it’s time to press the sleeves. Unbutton the cuffs, and place each sleeve over the end of the board, bringing it up as high as possible so the sleeve is taut. Too much starch on the sleeves can be irritating, so only use enough to keep the sleeves evenly pressed with a sharp crease, going from the shoulder to the wrist. Now that you’ve finished, be sure to hang up your shirt immediately, so that it doesn’t lose that crisp, freshly-ironed look.

Vintage T-Shirts Helps In Moving Along With Changing Trends

T-Shirts are the most favorite outfit for everybody. This is due to the comfort obtained on wearing them. This is suitable for all age groups irrespective of gender. Also this fits with any wear whether it’s with jeans pants, skirts, shorts and so on. Slowly customized t-shirts are catching up the trend. This is mainly due to the increasing demand among the people on the designs and prints on the t-shirts. Also companies are getting many orders with one particular design from many clubs to be finished up within a relative small amount of time. These are needed during special occasions.
Customized t-shirts plays a good role when you are searching for party wear. Most of the parties will have a particular dress code mostly based on any theme related to the occasions. During such situation, customized t-shirts form an important outfit as it will be difficult to get a t-shirt that relates the party theme. You will spend lot of time going form one store to another or by searching internet in order to find a suitable t-shirt that can be worn for the party. But all these searches will go in vain mostly it is not possible to get any ready made t-shirts with a unique party theme. The best option is to approach a company manufacturing customized t-shirts either by printing or stitching the design on to the fabric. They will be able to combine your ideas with their designs and makes a perfect wear for your occasions. There are also companies that provide you with your outfit within very short period of time with reasonable rate. Some times you can find this option less costly when compared to purchasing directly from the store especially if you are giving bulk orders for customized designs.
Music t-shirts forms another important outfit that is mostly worn by music lovers. These people will be constantly searching for t-shirts that contain designs of their favorite singer or player. Since people are becoming highly selective, it is not easy to find a suitable piece for them easily from store. These customized shops will be of great help as they will be able to save time in searching through many stores. Now days many online stores specialized in custom designs are up on internet. They have various software that help people to choose their design easily without much strain. Vintage t-shirts are one among the online store that is up and running successfully on internet.

Arsenal Football Shirts – Grab a Piece of Gunners’ Glory

When it comes to rich tradition in English Football, not many clubs can compete with the record, fan base and classy elegance associated with Arsenal. Agreed they haven’t won a major trophy in the last 5 years or so, but Gunners’ fans believe their time has come. And why not? For the last few years under the expert guidance of that wily coach; Arsene Wenger, Arsenal has been building a team for the future. And Arsenal fans world over believe this time they will lay their hands on the coveted English Premier League Title and trophy. And when time comes they will be there to savor the success in Arsenal Football Shirts.
EPL is undoubtedly the most popular league in the world with massive fan following even in remote parts of America, Asia, Africa and Australia. And the credit goes to major league teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.
Arsenal especially has made a name for itself with their brand of attractive football. And although that hasn’t materialized into trophies like Man United and Chelsea, in recent memory, it might all change soon.
Not like there’s a dearth of trophies in Arsenal’s cabinet, having won more than a dozen English league trophies and many other cups. Their illustrious coach Arsene Wenger has brought a degree of sophistication to not just his team but the way football has been perceived. And it’s his attacking style of football with the likes of Fabregas, Walcott and Arshavin at the helm that has made Arsenal the new destination of the Beautiful Game.
Wearing an Arsenal Shirt is a matter of pride not only for the team but its fans all over the world. A trip to their hallowed football ground of Emirates Stadium will not be complete unless you are dressed in the famous Arsenal Shirt. And the same spirit takes over you are at an away game, at the local pub or watching the action on television wherever you are in the world.
If you haven’t got Arsenal Football Shirts yet, it might be the time to do it now:
There are high expectations from the renowned London club this season with the likes of Cesc Fabregas and Theo Walcott maturing into World class players and ready to carry the torch.
Arsenal are perennial contenders for the Champions League and having qualified for the coming season, things won’t be any different.
Much to the disappointment of Gunners’ fans, God forbid, if the team returns empty handed at the end of the season, you can wear Arsenal Shirt to express your passion for the team that never fails to entertain on the field.
You can have shirts with team star’s names printed on them and also find some retro designs for nostalgia.
You can make bulk buys for you and your mates, children and family. You can get these shirts in different sizes and can avail of handsome discounts.
Wear your favorite team’s football shirt and say ‘Go Gunners’ with pride.

Top 5 Most Popular Movie Outfits For Fancy Dress Parties

While you could easily go to a fancy dress party with a novelty t shirt as your outfit what is the point in going to a fancy dress party if you aren’t going to get into the spirit of the thing. Often the main problem people have is coming up with something to go as. Or at least something which doesn’t take too much time, money and effort to put together. Basically, things like Batman, or Teen Wolf or Captain Jack tend to be too much hassle to put together, especially when it is touch-and-go whether you want to go at all. So in order to help you out, here are some of the best and easiest outfits for to help you get to the party without having to buy much more than a t shirt.
The Crow
How many parties have you been to where there is at least one dude dressed as The Crow. You can be that guy! With just a plain black long sleeved t-shirt, some black trousers and black boots or shoes and a bunch of white face paint and black eyeliner you can become Brandon Lee’s The Crow for next to nothing.
Freddy Kruger
This is a fun one because in order to make his claws, just tape some knives and forks and spoons to your old gloves and get yourself a red and black stripped t shirt and a hat and you can become the root of many people of a certain age’s nightmares. Also, to get that melted face look, try using honey mixed with cornflakes.
Bruce Willis
What a legend! Bruce Willis in Die Hard is an easy to replicate iconic figure for fancy dress fun. The main article of clothing you need is a vest. Then roll down a hill a couple of times, rub some fake blood on your head and take your shoes off and hey presto! Yippeekayay!
Blues Brothers
Now I know you need to have a suit for this but as long as its black you can pretty much pull one out of any charity shop for a few quid. But it will be worth it because once you and a mate team up to be the Blues Brothers you can whack any of their hits on the decks and you’ll be having a great time.
The Dude
The best outfit of the lot. You will need: a dressing gown, a funny t shirt or maybe a retro t shirt, some shades and an air of apathy. The Dude is one of the greatest movie characters of all time and luckily for you, provides one of the easiest fancy dress outfits too. The fact is that funny t shirts can easily play a part in a variety of fancy dress costumes.
So, with this shall go to the ball!

Custom T-Shirts Or Personalised Polo Shirts – Which Best Suits Your Business?

Choosing between custom printed t-shirts or personalised polo shirts can be a difficult task. In this article we look at the differences between the two options and examine the benefits of each, to help you decide which style of garment to go for.
If you’re looking to obtain some custom printed clothing to use as work wear, you might be struggling to decide between polo shirts and t-shirts, as both can look great when emblazoned with your logo or company name. Every type of business from fast food restaurants to engineering firms use them, as they are great for branding, as well as turning staff into walking advertising billboards (have your website address or contact number printed on the back for maximum effect).
T-shirts are traditionally a casual garment (originally worn as an undergarment). They are perhaps the most popular item of clothing in the world and come in various different styles. Round necked t-shirts are definitely the biggest seller and are ideal for customization. One of the main benefits of wearing a t-shirt is that they are very easily customizable which is great if you are looking to spread a message by wearing it on your body. You have a large print area to work with as there are no buttons.
Polo shirts do tend to be slightly more expensive but are often made of a material which is more durable and hard wearing than your average t-shirt. A polo shirt is basically a t-shirt with a collar and two or three buttons but the real difference is that when you are wearing one you feel much more like you’re ready for work, and your customers will regard you as looking a lot more professional than if you were to turn up to a job wearing a t-shirt. On the downside, you only have a small print area to customize, usually the left or right hand breast area – however the back of the t-shirt still leaves plenty of room for your business name or your logo.
So in summary, a t-shirt gives you more space to have your logo printed which is great if you want your branding to be seen, whereas a polo shirt has a more professional image to it. So which one to go for? Only you can decide which one if right for your business.

Tie Dye Shirts – Stylish and Popular

Have you ever wondered how many dresses or shirts you have in your closet which are no longer used? These clothes could be stashed away because they’re no longer in fashion or they’re just plainly worn out. Most fashion designers excel at their jobs because they know how to create and recreate. You can be like them if you rummage through your clothes, take out the ones that you no longer use, and then decide to restore these pieces to your current wardrobe. If you want to create your own designs for those shirts, skirts, dresses and even beddings, then tie dyeing is perfect for you. Tie dye is an artistic pattern that almost everybody appreciates. All it takes is a little imagination and you can create your very own tie dye shirts.
You can easily purchase any of these tie dye shirts from department stores and online shops but nothing could be more fun than to tie dye your own clothing. First, you need to know all the materials that you are going to need for your new project. Gather squeeze bottles, old shirts (preferably white), gloves, rubber bands, plastic bags, soda ash, a bucket and, of course, the fabric dye.
After gathering all the materials that you need, the next step is to spend some time practicing. You don’t want to ruin those shirts, no matter how old they are, so it’s better to practice on some scraps of fabric first. Put on the gloves then try your very first tie dye. You will get different results as you tie dye each and every fabric so you could experiment on how tight or how loose you would want to tie your shirt.
After experimenting, you are now ready to soak the t-shirt in water and wring it out. Make sure that the shirt isn’t dripping as you lay it flat across a surface. Then, gently mix the dye with water. Shake the bottle well and let it sit for a few minutes. Next, pick up the shirt with your forefinger. Place your finger in the middle of the shirt then slowly twirl. Make sure that the white shirt remains flat as you continue to twist to about 3 or 5 inches. You can now wrap the wadded shirt with 3 or 4 rubber bands.
Submerge the shirt in a sink that’s full of water and soda ash mixture for about thirty minutes. After that, take the shirt and wring it once more. Lay down a plastic bag then place the shirt on it as you apply the rest of the dye mixtures. Get another plastic bag then cover your shirt for about 24 hours. An entire day should be sufficient for all the colors to stain the shirt. Rinse with warm water, remove the rubber bands, and then dry it out.
This activity has become so popular that there are now people who tie dye shirts for recreation; some do it during summer camps or even parties. These shirts never go out of style that’s why it remains one of the most artistic pieces of clothing. So why don’t you be a hippie for a week or so and start strutting with your very own tie dye shirts?

The Comfort of Moisture Wicking Clothes

Everyone is in love with casual shirts as they are perfect for lounging around the house and also for running on errands. All of us love to follow fashion trends but above all we value comfort. Particularly for those who are active and are into various sporting activities, comfortable clothing that can keep them cool and composed is really a must-have. Fashion designers across the globe are now focusing more on making outerwear that is not only comfortable but also stylish and chic.
Moisture wicking clothing has become very popular over the last few years due to its multifarious benefits in today’s busy lifestyles. From T-shirts and loungewear to undergarments, there are different kinds of garments that can be crafted out of moisture wicking fabrics. This new technology garments have the capability to wick, or absorb, sweat caused by exertion, exercise, leaving the wearer’s skin feeling dry and comfortable. Thus these clothes help one breathe and remain cool even on a hot day or after a vigorous workout. Moisture wicking garments are made from a fine blend of two types of fibers- hydrophilic and hydrophobic. The former helps in absorption of fluids while the latter speeds up the drying time.
Caring for moisture wicking clothing is not too difficult. But due to the special properties of the fibers, it might be a good idea to read the wash and care labels before washing and drying these clothes. Fabric softeners and ironing are not required for these clothes as these garments are usually silky and soft to the touch. These cool and comfortable clothes are not only meant for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. In fact these comfortable, breathable clothing are being increasingly used by people face sudden changes in temperature or is engaged in endurance activities.
There can be many reasons for using moisture wicking shirts. These shirts are just perfect if you have to sit in a hot office or car, spend the day watching your kids play at the park or for a workout at the gym. The technology of the moisture wicking shirt has been used in different styles of garments from sport related to professional attire. The soft feel and the durable shape of this type of clothing make them a lifetime wear. Most local clothing stores and online fashion retailers have a great collection of moisture wicking clothing from jackets to under garments. The possibilities are endless as design houses create more and more items for help you stay cool and comfortable.

Heat Press Ink Jet Transfers

I have discussed print on demand (POD) t-shirt publishing in previous articles and discussed how you can use online systems such as Cafe Press to start your own business with little out of pocket expense and a few good ideas. I still highly recommend using these systems due to their relative ease of use and low start-up cost, but there are other options available.
I discussed Direct To Garment (DTG) printers in another article, which is what Cafe Press uses to print their shirts, and talked about the high cost associated with them. If you were to buy one of these machines it would set you back at least $16,000 for a used machine. If anyone finds one out there for less money and in decent shape please drop me an email as I would like to stay on top of any declining prices in the DTG sub-section of this business. It’s my opinion that if these machines were more affordable they would be the best option for people interested in the t-shirt design business. You have the ability to print out one shirt from your design template and truly see how it is going to look printed on to the fabric. There is simply no substitution for this. You can blow up your image on Cafe Press and get a good feel for what you will be getting, but when your design is printed the color palette is CMYK based, and on your computer screen the images are RGB based. RGB of course stands for red, green, blue which most people are familiar with. The CMYK color wheel is a little less known, but the one used in printing. It stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). If you are uploading your RGB image to Cafe Press they are going to convert it to CMYK for the printing process and some colors can have a different appearance. This isn’t a huge deal right now, otherwise Cafe Press would certainly address this issue if people were returning merchandise because it wasn’t the same colors as what they thought they were getting. There is a difference in the two color wheels, however, and you should at least be aware of the difference.
Most of you probably know about Plastisol heat transfers which are a sheet of paper that ink is distributed on and then, using a heat press, are transferred to the garment. You can have companies make these for you from your designs if you want to do your custom shirts from your home or office, but the same problem as with print on demand arises due to the fact that you can’t actually see all the colors you would if you printed it right on the shirt. So let us say you have a great design with multiple colors that you are absolutely sure will sell like gangbusters. You upload your design to your company of choice and they print 500 heat transfers with your design on them. A short time later you get the designs and excitedly press your first shirt, and it doesn’t look like what you wanted. Perhaps an area of the design is too light or dark. Maybe the text is too small or the stroke of the text is too thin. The bottom line is you are now stuck with 500 transfers that you paid good money for and aren’t happy with the design.
Along comes another option that could bail you out of the above scenario and save you a boatload of time and money. Introducing the ink jet heat transfer. What? Yes you read that correctly, ink jet heat transfer. You can now purchase blank Plastisol transfers and run them through your standard ink jet printer to print out your image. I can hear the gears in your head spinning, I know mine were when I first heard this. You are probably thinking you’ll just forget about the print on demand option and use that standard printer of yours to print out shirts, allowing you to sell them for less money than print on demand can. Well, that was where I started going as well, but keep in mind those companies like Cafe Press are printing, shipping, advertising, and accepting credit cards for you, not to mention the fact that they are a corporate presence with a website attracting millions of customers. After contacting the company who makes these transfers for more information I put together a list of other concerns and problems.
* The cost of standard ink has to be taken in to account and it’s not cheap.
* They didn’t convince me that the quality was as good as their other transfers, and you don’t want an inferior product out there with your name associated with it.
* How long did your last printer hold out? Home printers aren’t designed to print in large numbers or last very long. I have yet to find a printer that impresses me with longevity.
* You need to make sure your printer uses pigment based ink instead of standard dye ink. Dye ink, which is industry standard, absorbs in to the paper, whereas pigment based inks set on top of the paper in encapsulated bubbles basically. I imagine it’s because of this lack of absorption that the pigment is the best option.
So you may be wondering why I bring this method up if I don’t believe it’s a viable option. Well I think it’s a great option, but not for making your shirts for sale. If you have a heat press or want to get one consider using the ink jet transfers for testing your designs. Imagine being able to print out a reasonably good quality image of your design and heat press it on to a shirt. The benefits to that would be huge!
* You could make sure the text was the right size.
* You could ensure that the colors come out the way you anticipate.
* You could show it to friends and family on a shirt instead of a computer screen and get opinions and critiques.
* You could wear your design around in public and see peoples reaction to it, complete with your website name on the back.
The ink jet transfer papers may become a better option in years to come, but right now I think it makes a great option for testing your designs. It could save you some headache and possible product returns down the road. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Happy Designing!

Mens Fashion 2011

We are nearing spring of 2011 and the styles could not be more intense this year. It seems to be that pastels are in and slim fit is all the rage. The trends for men’s fashion over the past year still includes the basic staples such as Chuck Taylor tennis shoes, Sperry’s, designer tees, and polo’s. However we will touch on some of the hotter trends that have started to frequently show up. Slim fit seems to have started to become quite popular over the last year and many high end companies are starting to do an exclusive slim fit line.
Popular publications such as GQ have made note of the fast rising popularity of European cut/slim fit clothes and how it is a must to start wearing more form fitting clothing. The new trend for suits this year has been the one button European fit with flat front pants.
Take a walk down any high end street and you will see top executives wearing the one button this year. Hotter climates have made many offices shy away from requiring formal wear which has put a strain on the men who still like the more professional look. That is why the top men’s publications are talking about the one button suit. The one button suit allows the man to wearing a breathable dress shirt while still looking formal and professional with a tailored jacket. It also allows for a little more versatility with ties and fun colours which allows for more catchy combinations.
Unfortunately, most high end one button suits can run at a cost of a few thousand dollars. However, there are options for someone looking to go after the one button suit while still keeping the cost down. I know someone who is offering a plethora of high end fitting suits for around $250 USD. I have personally found it to be one of the best deals on the net and wide range of colours offered has allowed me to spruce up my entire suit collection for under a few hundred dollars.
The same goes with neckties. Over the past few months many men have seen the comeback of the slim tie around the workplace of when out on the town. Tie styles have been changing frequently but it looks like the slim tie trend might be around for a good while. It is a solid retro look that is the perfect complement for a one button suit or a suit that has just been tailored. It is more subtle than a wide set tie and allows the guy to look trendy and classy.
Like the suit and the tie, the dress shirt has also seemed to head back into the retro spectrum. Recently, most men have been going for a thinner material and a no button collar. It gives a more “young guy” feel and has become the new in of 2011. As of right now, it looks like these trends will be here to stay.

How to Care for Your Rhinestone Shirt

Rhinestone shirts are very popular. Although many trends and styles come and go, sparkly rhinestone apparel seems to remain a popular item. Women love all things that sparkle. This is true whether or not it is jewelry or apparel.
A rhinestone shirt can be a bit more expensive than a shirt with a screen printed design. If you going to purchase a rhinestone shirt, you want to be sure to purchase a shirt that you will be able to wear for a long time to come. If a bling shirt begins to lose stones, it loses it’s appeal.
In order to purchase the right shirt for your situation and budget, there are some things that you should know. One of those things is the difference between the types of rhinestones.
Swarovski rhinestones are the best quality rhinestones available. They are created using genuine crystal and sparkle like no others. They are also made using a special glue that holds the stone onto your shirt very securely. Chances are that your shirt will wear out before the stones loosen from your shirt. They are very secure. The sparkle and glue quality of these stones can not be beat. However, they are a bit more expensive than any other type of rhinestone on the market.
Korean rhinestones are the most commonly sold rhinestones online. There were some problems with their quality in the past, but there are now quality Korean stones that most businesses are using to create beautiful designs and apparel. They do sparkle well and hold on to apparel better than in the past. Although many companies will guarantee the apparel created with Swarovski rhinestones, most will not make this guarantee when using Korean stones.
A garment can hold stones for a very long period of time regardless of which type of rhinestones are used when cared for correctly.
A sparkly shirt, hoodie or any other type of apparel should be washed inside out on the gentle cycle. It should not be put into the washing machine with items that may over agitate the clothing such as shoes or bags. Once it is washed, your clothing should be hung to dry or laid flat. Do not place your item into the dryer. This could weaken the glue and cause stones to loosen and fall off.
It is also wise to avoid ironing your rhinestone apparel. If you must iron your shirt, iron around the design. Do not iron the design over the stones or with the shirt turned inside out behind the stones. Avoid the area completely with an iron.
If you take great care of your rhinestone clothing, it should last for a very long time.